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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. disrupts the itch and rash of eczema. talk to your doctor about convoke. >> learn how avi can help you save this makes tv easy now with all of your favorite live tv and streaming apps. all in one place. >> all right, here we go . discovery plus dish streaming and live tv all in one place. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson. time we begin with a fox news alert. there is still drama, confusion ,chaos in the state of arizona tonight stemming from tuesday's elections. we want to begin with the latest developments. what are the candidates saying about the people for whom everything hangs in the balance? and how are the officials in charge of this election responding? it's hard to know from afar the vote, the vote count in arizona. we do know arizona. we do know clearly is going to go into the weekend, probably beyond that. and we're going to talk to the
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senate candidate in the state, the republican blake masters, for his assessment of what is going on and what it means. but we're going to start tonight with carrie lake. she's running for governor in arizona. >> she joins us . thank you so much for coming on . so it's very hard to know if you're not there. what happening? >> what is your best assessment of it? uh, well, i mean, we've got messed up elections, for starters. and they've counted a lot of ballots, but they're still about a half a million left to be counted. and these are primarily republican voters. people who showed up and brought their ballot in on election day. we're starting to get a few of today's numbers trickling in and we're getting from some of these drops. 74% of the vote. 72% of the vote. these are heavy duty republican voters. and isn't it convenient that they are the last ballots to be counted? they count all the democrat votes early and the really reliable republican ballots are the last to be counted. so we're less than a point away
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from our opponent and we think it's going to start turning and turning quickly and we believe we're going to win with a nice, nice patina, actually . >> so your opponent is the secretary of state. she didn't campaign much and she didn't seem like she needed to campaign a lot. she never debated you. and some are smirking online that well, of course, she was always confident in her victory. >> what's your view of that very common take on the race? you're trying to get me to say something that might get me in trouble. no, no. it's just i've read 50 people say that that means people are so distrustful. what they're insinuating is that she knew she could sit back , hide in the basement, do nothing and win due to cheating . that's what they're insinuating. and i understand why they would insinuate that, because we've had such terrible elections that run poorly.
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they're ripe with fraud and we've seen this time and time again and nothing's being done. our elected officials tell us if we dare bring it up, we are conspiracy theorists. we're election deniers. darn it, we've got to start bringing this up. people are fed up. i was in a veterans day parade today and people were shouting out from the side of the road, please repair our elections. please count our vote. this is crazy. the people of arizona are fed up. and when we win, rest assured, we will with 100% certainty we will win. one of the first things i'm going to do on day one is call a special session, bring the legislature in and say fix these elections and restore honesty. and transparency so we can have faith in our elections once again, this is our sacred vote . we get one vote . that's what we should get one vote and we want to know it counted. >> i'm not accusing your opponent of doing anything wrong. i have no knowledge of that. but she is a secretary of state and it seems that one of
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the main costs of an election this chaotic is the confidence of voters, that it's real. so why wouldn't she recuse herself for appearance sake if no other before the count began? we asked her to do that one month into jumping into the race back in july of twenty one , we asked her to recuse herself. we said this is unethical. you just recuse yourself from the parts of your role as secretary of state. that deal with the election. and she refused to do so. but, you know, she only showed up for work 19 days in the past six months. so i don't know how much work she does. and we had the big red flag on august 2nd, the primary election. it played out exactly like this. they counted the democrat votes first, a slow rolled the republican votes, and it was days and days and days of counting. they did nothing to improve it before this general election. and then we had the tabulator machines that didn't work in a third the polling places.
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we can't continue to run elections this way. we're very confident, tucker, that these elections are going to start. are these are these counts are going to start going heavily our way. and we will win this. >> and i assure the people of arizona, we will clean up our elections. >> yeah, and i my view is eliminate absentee ballots, except for the tiny percentage who really need them. this is this is crazy. and really is hurting people's view of democracy. i appreciate your coming on tonight. best of luck. >> thank you. thank you. blake masters is running in the other big race in the state of arizona, which, like the governor's race, is still nowhere near being settled. master says he can still win his race. he says there is evidence of true screw ups in ballot counting, uncounted ballots, uncounted ballots somehow getting commingled into the same pile. so we asked arizona officials to respond to these claims. >> we've heard nothing back from them. blake masters joins us now. >> blake masters, thank you so much for coming on .
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so tell us what you believe happened in some cases to ballots in maricopa county, arizona. well, first of all, tucker, we're in a dogfight here in arizona. my race will be very, very close. it's going to be decided by a few thousand votes either way. so there's hundreds of thousands of ballots outstanding and they haven't been counted yet, which apparently is hard for maricopa county. i mean, things are just so incompetent here. the problems started tuesday morning when 20 to 30% of the voting tabulation machines didn't work. this wasn't a surprise when election day was. it just didn't work. i mean, what the heck is that right in competence at the very worst. but then it got so people when they got to a machine and the machine didn't work, they were invited to just drop their ballot ballot in a secure box. hey, we'll count this later. well, it turns out maricopa county on at least two occasions mixed up those uncounted ballots with ballots that had already been counted. so it's a giant disaster. it's a giant mess to try to unearth unmixed these
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ballots. right. i think the most honest thing at this point would be for maricopa county to wipe the slate clean and just take all the ballots and do a fresh count. >> we'll see if they do that. but it's just incompetent. how how could they not do that? i mean, how could it be considered a legitimate election outcome, whether you win or lose? but just if you care about democracy, you would demand that every vote is counted and not double counted. >> correct? that's exactly right. i think arizonans deserve much, much better. and when kerry , like, is governor, they're going to get it. so maricopa county elections, maybe they're working hard. god bless them. it's at best just incompetent. but you know what else is incompetent, tucker? the establishment, right? the people who control the purse strings. senate leadership fund, mitch mcconnell. mcconnell decided to spend millions of dollars attacking a fellow republican in alaska instead of helping me defeat senator mark. had he chosen to spend money in arizona, this race would be over. we'd be celebrating a senate majority right now. and so my message to the people of america, my message to actually the republican senators, hopefully my future
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colleagues, let's not vote mitch mcconnell into leadership. he doesn't deserve to be majority leader or minority leader. you get a choice. you can stand with your constituents and stand with americans, or you can stand for mitch mcconnell. tucker, if i'm lucky enough to represent arizona in the u.s. senate, next year, i think it's clear where i'll stand. >> let really quick, why wouldn't i mean, he spent money on primaries in alaska. this is one of the big senate races in the country. and he avoided it. >> why wouldn't he support you? i wonder? >> i will leave it to the viewer to decide whether it is just malus or whether it's gross incompetence. but clearly, mitch mcconnell cares about mitch mcconnell and less about a senate majority or the people of america. i think we need to change. that's why i ran for office in one way or another. change is coming. amazing. masters, thank you so much. thank you. so in one nevada voting facility in clark county in las vegas, there was a livestream from cameras in the facility.
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it was at night and the idea was, we're going to assure everybody there's no fraud, famously corrupt county by putting these cameras in and letting everyone watch them. but then the cameras went dark over night. backup's the footage has suddenly been released. what is this about? exactly is trace gallagher joins us tonight with a report on it. >> hey, trace, exactly the reason washoe county is now being overly transparent and somewhat defensive is because they realize the votes being counted inside their ballot room could decide who controls the senate. the county says the ballot room cameras went down at eleven twenty four p.m. on november 9th. an hour after the staff left the building. the cameras were fixed. seven fifty three the next morning, an hour after the staff came back . in total, the cameras were dark for eight and a half hours. now, are not drawing up. conspiracy theories are saying that during that time, something nefarious happened inside the ballot room because we don't know. but neither does the county know that something nefarious did not happen inside
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the ballot room because there is no video, therefore no documentation. but to reassure us , washio county has now released security footage from the cameras around the ballot room, like the parking garage, the hallway and the entry doors. they have also checked the staff security badges to make sure nobody came in or out. and that is reassuring. if you believe it's somebody with bad intent would walk in through the front door using our security badge. by the way, the county says the cameras went down because they are connected to a computer that intermittently loses connection. so i checked a ring. doorbell camera is 50 bucks at best buy and is guaranteed to work in rain, snow, extreme heat or high wind. again, we're not saying there was any mischief, but when, you know, america is skeptical of slow ballot counts and bad cameras, maybe in 2020 four you kick in the fifty bucks. >> dr. gallagher, speaking of screwups, by the way, i called
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it clark county, vegas. it's washoe county. and my apologies. >> thank you for that, driscoll. you bet. so barack obama is building a temple to himself, a presidential library that is close to a billion dollars, but it was halted. they had to stop because someone put a noose on the site. and of course, you can't work under those conditions. and then you have to posture a lot about what a great person you are and how the public is terrible. we've got a live update on that. plus, we thought we understood why all the celebrity is in america and exactly the same page politically. but then thought, wait a second ,these are supposedly creative people. why are they all reaching the same robotic conclusion? maybe there's a reason. oh, maybe there is . we have evidence that there is , in fact, a reason. we'll tell you what it is after the break. fox station is forever grateful to those who put this great
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7 nine eight sixty two hundred or visit coventry direct .com. the concept of a presidential library, a shrine to a former president is a relatively new idea. for the first hundred and fifty years of this country's existence, presidents didn't have lavish monuments built to commemorate the role. the whole notion would have repulsed the men who waged war with a monarchy to build this country.
10:17 pm
but starting with the fdr, of course, president , libraries became customary and they've gradually transformed from that ,from libraries into multi-million dollar temple to hubris, the most recent ex president to get his very temple. and the biggest of all, of course, is barack obama. the total cost of his library clocks in at about half a billion dollars. destruction began last year when obama demanded that his donors pay for it. >> but today, construction of the temple was halted because of an emergency. >> no, not a fire. not a lightning strike. according to a construction company working on the library, quote this morning, we were informed that an active hate was discovered at the project's site. and you knew the active hate was serious. because the media went all in. they devote a lot of time to talking about this on the brink of nuclear war and recession. but the active hate on the obama construction site led the news watch construction at the obama presidential center in chicago is suspended
10:18 pm
after a noose was discovered at the site on thursday. an act of hate, a noose is found at the site of the obama presidential center. >> a noose was found at the site. illinois governor jb pritzker, condemning the hateful act and ugly racist symbol was found at the future site of the obama presidential center. a noose was discovered at the construction site this morning. operations were halted and the police were called. a one hundred thousand dollar reward has been offered for information leading to those responsible for what officials described as this shameless act of cowardice and hate. >> a lot of huffing and puffing. have you heard a story like this before? well, it wasn't that long ago in the middle of a national crime wave, which it has done very little to solve. the fbi rushed a team of agents to a nascar garage after a character called bubba wallace suggested that a noose had been left in that garage. turns out the news was a garage door pull. >> oh, here's the interesting
10:19 pm
thing. everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes like this never get corrected. nobody ever apologized for that. not the media, not the fbi. and certainly not bubba wallace. in fact, bubba wallace said that only stupid people would doubt his story even after was proven to be false. >> what would you say to those people who are doubting that this even happened or that it's true? >> yeah, just like steve said, it offends me that people would go to those measures. but again, i'm not shocked. it's simple minded people like that, the ones that are afraid of change, they they use everything in their power to defend what they stand up for. and instead of trying to listen and understand what you alleged , iqraa crime, hardisty, that's a crime. but whatever worthy the attention of the fbi, this is all insane. >> but you were wrong. but instead of apologizing, you're lecturing people like they're your moral inferiors
10:20 pm
for asking questions. and it was obvious from the beginning of wallace's story made no sense saying he's making it up, but he was wrong. and there is a high likelihood that this noose, if barack obama's temple might be a hoax to a lot of these stories, are why do they keep appearing? we'll tell you why. because accusations of hate crimes and bias more generally are tools that the people in power used. not the power was the powerful toward themselves, greater and totally unearned moral authority over everybody else. >> and barack obama is the perfect example. oppressed, really. obama is a half white guy with an ivy league degree who served as president of the united states for two terms and lives in two oceanfront compounds in the rich zip codes in the world. does that sound like oppression? no, it sounds privilege. >> that's fine. but no, they tell you he's emmett till. he's powles victim of your racism. so when you make allegations like that, nobody gets to ask the obvious questions like where did you get all this money? how are you making a living? how'd you get so rich? what have you been selling in exchange for that money?
10:21 pm
and by the way, why are you spending a half a billion dollars on a presidential library? >> you'll get to ask those questions, because all you know is that somebody left a news at a construction site because this is an immoral, racist country. all the people below me are bad people. >> people on top are good people. the bad people in the bottom are creating a country full of racism that's so pervasive and scary that we have to pause construction on the temple just to catch our breath. obama told us many times before, this is a bad country. he told us for eight years he knew from his own life that progress is fragile, that we have to be vigilant against the darker currents of this country's history, of our own history, with with whirlpools of violence and hatred and despair that can always rise again. >> bull connor may be gone, but today we witness with our own
10:22 pm
eyes police officers kneeling on the necks of black americans. >> bull connor might be gone, but you still exist and you're oppressing everybody. so we're going to have to oppress you. this latest offense against one of the world's most powerful men is so appalling. that the authorities have offered one hundred thousand dollar reward to anyone who can find the person who left a noose at obama's presidential one hundred thousand dollars because we victimize barack obama yet again and his wife. >> what's interesting is for perspective is that there's no hundred thousand dollar reward outstanding for the , say, thousands of unsolved murders in this country. and that's a lot of murders. in fact, roughly half the murders that occur in the united states are now never solved because they're not becoming third world or anything. thomas hargrove, who runs the murder accountability project , put it this way very crisply. >> it's a 50 50 coin flip. it's never been this bad during the last seven months of twenty . twenty most murders went unsolved. that's never happened before.
10:23 pm
in america. now, why is that happening? because nobody cares. that's why. and where these murders happening? oh, in obama's hometown of chicago, a lot of them watch that mass shooting we were just talking about in chicago. >> in the troubled west side of town where the bloodshed is frequent. it happened about nine thirty p.m. local time. people had gathered for a vigil . police say it was an suv that pulled up. two gunmen opened fire and sprayed bullets into the crowd. the whole thing was over in about three seconds. fourteen people were injured. witnesses say one man was shot in the head and one person was hit by a car in the chaos. but among the victims are a three year old and 11 year old and a 13 year old boy. the rest of the victims are said to be dalt. okay, does anyone care? no. nobody in power cares. not at all about any of these crimes. actual crimes. in nevada, an illegal alien called carlos nava, who's been deported seven times but is still here because democratic party wants his vote , is now facing charges that he five people in this country over nearly
10:24 pm
twenty five people were. >> did anyone ever for one hundred thousand dollars for his arrest or to give his victims? but we've got one hundred thousand dollars to spare for whoever tied that piece. of string in a forbidden shape of barack obama's construction site. >> really? >> again, if all the moral outrage were directed on behalf of people with no power who actually suffering and there are millions of the america you can kind of put up with it. but all this huffing and puffing over barack michelle obama, most people don't see them as a color. they see them for what they are ,which is the most privileged people in the world. and yet michelle obama sort of whole book about her struggle to , quote, stay visible in a world doesn't necessarily see a tall black woman. >> what you don't see michelle obama. >> she's the president's wife for eight years. how much money is michelle obama made in the last six years? oh, you'd love to know, but you're supposed to just accept uncritically, just like you're supposed to believe the jussie smollett hoax. we've got some breaking news.
10:25 pm
actor and musician jussie smollett from the hit show empire was attacked and beaten early this morning. in chicago. and police say it could be a hate crime. there are many indications of a hate crime here. they are looking for two suspects who were apparently wearing make america great again hats. >> we have a media that's saying it's a debate whether or not what just happened to jesse smollett is a hate crime, it's absurd. jussie smollett had unusual on his neck just this week. and the media has really cast so much doubt on his story, which i find so personal offensive that a black man is targeted and then suddenly he becomes the victim of people's disbelief. he said his attackers hurled racial and homophobic slurs at him. this is america in 2019. >> this is america in 2019, where the most powerful people or the most frequently victimized. and that really is the message is the people in charge, people
10:26 pm
with power over your life, the people who make the laws, people who shape your culture and some people can put you in jail. certainly people are paid a lot more than you are. they're the real victims. no, they're the real victims. so what are we watching? we're watching a power play. of course, we're watching a transfer of moral authority from the population, a nation of citizens to the top one percent. and as the recession deepens and people get poorer, you're going to see a lot more of this. don't notice my looting. i'm the victim. that's why hillary clinton plays the sexism card. >> don't ask questions. i'm a woman here. she is . so any of you who've read my my book about what happened know that i think that misogyny and sexism is part of that campaign. it was one of the contributing factors and some of it was old fashioned sexism and a refusal to accept the equality of women and certainly the equality of women's leadership. >> yeah, they'll do it. chelsea clinton does it. nancy pelosi does it.
10:27 pm
a cosio. cortez does it. kamala harris does it. the most powerful people in the world are always telling you they're victims. joe biden can't do it, of course, because he's a white man. so instead, he accuses you of transphobia, thereby keeping the balance of moral authority on his side of the scale. shut up, transphobia. >> jason whitlock is the most fearless. he joins us tonight. this really if they were doing this on behalf of people who had nothing, i wouldn't say a word. >> but they're doing it on behalf of themselves. as always, tucker, your motto was so good. i don't know what you left me. you didn't leave any meat on the bones first. i mean, is preposterous. what they're doing. listen, when you hear about a noose in twenty , twenty two , you think hoax. when's the last time we've heard about a noose incident where someone was actually hurt? every time it comes up now, it's about a hoax and so as soon as i heard this about what was going on at the presidential library or temple, as you call it, you
10:28 pm
immediately go to hoke's. what does the construction workers think was going to happen? oh, i saw this news. >> let me be on the lookout for white men on horseback and the kkk. they're going to come and raid this construction site. no, if if they if you're in chicago, go and you're worried about your safety, be on the lookout. for the gangster disciples, the vice lords and the gangs. that are killing people indiscriminately throughout chicago. constantly. if you saw a gang of kids drive by playing that loud gangster rap music, talking about killing in words and all that shut down the construction site. if you see a news, pick it up, put it in the trash, look around for justice smollett. and go back to work. this is a construction company that i think may have just pulled off an incredible scam. it's veterans day. they didn't want to pay that holiday pay, so they came with excuse to give everybody a day off from work. >> that's a really good
10:29 pm
explanation. but i also think, like, if you're one of the people benefiting from this, don't you just say, you know what, i've got enough power, i've got enough wealth. >> i'm embarrassed when you call me a victim. it's all they have when you don't have policy solutions. when your agenda isn't noble or righteous, you throw you nail yourself to a cross and say, hey, look at me. i know i got millions of dollars in the bank. i know i'm worshiped all over the country, but i'm really a victim. i'm nailed to this cross. i'm being persecuted through a noose at my construction site. >> yeah, no, that's so wise. i agree. jason whitlock, great to see you tonight. thank you. so the media, particularly social media, have been relentlessly promoting the idea that your kids should undergo mutilation surgery. they call it transition ing. what happens after the surgery? well, that's an interesting question.
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yours to keep. even if you return the product, visit no more eyeborgs .com. that's no more eyeborgs .com for even more savings or call the number on your screen. if you're like most people in this country, you wake up each morning eagerly awaiting the news of what you're now required to believe and one of the main things you're now required to believe is that nature isn't real. it's all fake. it's like a hologram. it's like those gaming glasses you wear and your god . so you get to choose your own . obviously, reality is irrelevant. what matters is what you think . >> so recently, a british internet celebrity called ali london took that thinking to its logical conclusion. he identified as korean woman. >> but six months later, he's decided he's had enough. now he's transitioning back to being a british man. we thought we would ask what that experience was like. >> all london joins us tonight in london. thanks so much for coming on . so why did you decide to become a korean woman who told you that was possible? so obviously, i've had
10:36 pm
a difficult time with my gender identity struggles. i was never unhappy with how i looked. so i started changing. i started dressing as a korean woman and i realized that was a big mistake. and i just want to be a boy. but is it any wonder people like me and young people want to change that agenda when we have that normalization of this in our schools? in this country, children are taught from a young age, from the age of five in some cases that it's okay to change their gender. it's okay to wear a skirt. it's okay for a boy to use a gender neutral toilet when it puts girls at risk. this is the new norm. and schools are teaching about toxic masculinity. they're eroding the alpha male, the alpha straight male has been eroded. you know, tucker, what happened years go when kids used to go to school, they used to idolize superman and astronauts. now kids are being pushed. this radical ideology that taught to idolize weak men like harry styles, weak politicians like batur over why is this happening? and is it any wonder people like me fall victim to this
10:37 pm
that i had all this surgery, i tried to change because, you know, i kind of fell victim to this mentality. i'm an adult, but, you know, these kids can't make these decisions on their own that they're being pushed this radical agenda. and i'm grateful that i've come out the other side. i'm grateful i found god . but i want to speak up for these kids that are confused that gender . a lot of kids have gender dysphoria. and , you know, that wasn't a thing twenty years ago, tucker. this is what's being taught in the school system. may i ask you a question and i'm not mocking you since your question. did it make you happier? did you feel when you, quote, transitioned and started living as something that you weren't, did you feel like you were that thing? and were you at peace inside? you know, i've never really found happiness until recently . so i was always struggling with my looks, as most kids do ,especially as a teenager between the age of 11 to 13 , kids change and kids start to question themselves. they start to question their looks, their identity. they have self-esteem issues. this is normal. i used to really hate the so i thought having all this surgery, trying to become a girl, dressing go , trying
10:38 pm
to be more feminine, i thought that would make me happy. i realized that was a big mistake. and i feel like, you know, if i was born 40 years, i wouldn't have done this. it's what the white culture is pushing these days. what we see on ticktock, it's the new normal. and this is so wrong. it's really affecting our kids. and the school boards have a lot to answer for with this. i agree with that. a lot of people are unhappy. and so that's that's normal. but pharmaceutical and plastic surgery aren't going to fix it. of course, as you know, early on and great to see tonight. >> thank you. thank you, tucker. so a lot of people expected not just a red wave on tuesday, but a red wave among hispanic voters. >> but among the many surprises of this week that did not happen. it happened in florida. ron desantis sen. marco rubio dominated the cuban vote and even won over traditionally democratic puerto rican voters. it seems. but more broadly, the hispanic wave never materialized. in fact, it received in texas latino support for republicans rigourous. just from past elections, democrats won most of the seats in the heavily hispanic rio
10:39 pm
grande valley. so what is this exactly? why did this happen and what does it tell us about the future? >> pedro gonzalez is an associate editor at chronicle's magazine and joins us tonight. pedro, thanks for coming on . how do you interpret this? i know it's only a few days ago, but what do you make of it? >> we'll talk about latinos are not a monolith. cubans in florida don't think and vote the same way as mexicans in california. what we can say is republicans improved in some places, but democrats seem to still maintain a hold over majority latino support across the country. but these people are persuadable. they can be moved. but what was the gop's ground game ahead of midterms? i think it's important to reflect on this. democrats do outreach in key places. they spend millions rewriting voting rules and regulations in their favor. the priority, on the other hand , of the political machine around kevin mccarthy was to target america first. candidates like joe kent in washington and anthony sabattini in florida because
10:40 pm
they were viewed as threats to his power. what was the gop's vision, its promise to americans? kevin mccarthy said entitlement reform. in other words, cuts to social security and medicare would be a top gop priority. after midterms. and also, of course, getting another 50 billion dollars for ukraine by january. so we cut grandma's social security check and we mail it to zelenskyy. >> it's not hard to see why republicans were underwhelming, not just with latinos, but other persuadable voters when you have this kind of leadership. but this is also, tucker, why i'm not pessimistic, because when you have washington generals like this running the party, you can't really say that we've begun to fight. well, i think that's exactly right. so if you were going to make the point this is a long conversation, i hope you come back for another hour. >> but if you could distill the message that works not just to latino voters, but just to working class voters, what would it be that america is not
10:41 pm
a bizarre it's not an open air marketplace for the world to plunder. it's a home to a real people. it's a home that we excuse me sorry that it's a home to a real flesh and blood people. and that means that we have an obligation to keep our communities safe . we have an obligation to secure our border. we have an obligation to not just post means about how biden and the democrats are failed on crime, but to actually do something, propose solutions instead of just adopting the democratic party's policies on crime and then just reframing them as somehow fiscally conservative or america first, which is what the gop has done historically. how about being an anti-war party or in this case, anti nuclear war? the reason that the gop couldn't talk about this, of course, is because the party leadership actually is pro-war. but the thing about the war in ukraine is that you can connect it to everything from the cost of fuel, the cost of fuel in your car to the rising cost of
10:42 pm
food on your table. but again, republicans are frankly cowards, and we're not willing to take on this issue. i think i think you're exactly over a target, so to speak. pedro gonzalez, great to see you tonight. thank you. thank you. >> so you may have noticed it virtually every big pop culture figure. well, pretty much every big pop culture figure is on one side and around election time, they mobilize and they promote democratic candidates. have you ever wondered why that is ? it's not only natural for artists to all reach the same conclusion. >> there may be a reason. you may know what it is after the break. there's a growing movement designed to confuse children about who they are. >> this is transgenderism. all your problems can be solved by changing your body. i went down that same initiation recruitment. but what in the world is going
10:43 pm
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10:48 pm
so in the run up to this week's midterm elections, are a lot of celebrities out there campaigning for democratic candidates all over the country? >> you probably saw them actors, singers, tiktok personalities, all doing their part for the democratic party. you probably weren't surprised by this. it's normal. pop culture figures always support democrats, every single one of them. but if you ever wondered why all these supposedly creative people reach exactly the same conclusion, every time they're all on the same page, how could that happen? >> it's interesting question. we don't know the answer, but you should consider what happened when one of the most famous singers in the world broke with the herd on november nineteenth. 2016, a week and a half after donald trump won the presidential kanye west, now known as yaye, held a concert in sacramento. most people in the audience were, of course, young people and presumably hillary clinton voters and presumably deeply disappointed by her loss. a week and a half before. >> so in the middle of the show, w stop performing and start talking about
10:49 pm
politics. >> google lied to you, he said, by suggesting to its users that hillary was going to win, quote, facebook lied to you. i'm not here to massage you with a fake truth telling you that hillary's going to win over and over and over. you were lied to by google, you were lied to by mark zuckerberg. middle america, west continued, showed you how they felt. well, at this point, some of the audience began boo! but w kept going. he complimented donald trump repeatedly. at one point he used the phrase make america great again. it was, to put it mildly, not the kind of thing you normally hear at a rap concert. and then two days later, kanye west was in the hospital. >> let the house of his family's exercise trainer, a man called harly pasternack west, apparently suffered some kind of mental break. pasternack called an ambulance to pick him up. west was taken away and then he was sedated with at least seven different psychiatric medications, including ben diazepam opinions, lithium, sleeping pills and olanzapine. >> news reports suggested that
10:50 pm
west had experienced a profound psychotic episode. he'd gone completely off the deep end. he'd gone crazy. and they've been saying that ever since w over time, though, told a very different story in his telling after what he'd said on stage in sacramento, harley pasternak was trying to shut him up. pasternack, he said, was not simply a trainer, but instead an agent of ideological control. pasternak's job was to keep west from straying from the script, and he's willing to use powerful drugs to do it. that's what he said. but very few people took that claim seriously. in fact, it was exactly the kind of thing a crazy person would say. my trainer drugged me into submission. >> he's trying to make me into a zombie right? sure. he did have another olanzapine shotgun. >> yeah, you look tired. so that's where the story stood until the other day. nobody believed kanye west. then west posted something remarkable on twitter, which for some reason virtually all of american media ignored, which is odd because media
10:51 pm
outlets are not usually in the business of ignoring remarkable things. but they did. and what he posted was a picture of a texas change that he had had with harley pasternak. pasternak was explaining that west had better stop saying, quote, crazy stuff. in other words, he'd better get back on script or else he would be severely punished. quote, second option, if you don't shut up, quote, i have you institutionalized again where they medicate the out of you and you go back to zombieland forever. playdate with the kids just won't be the same end quote. >> try, if you can, to imagine a more sinister threat than that, a more chilling threat than that. do what i say or i will turn your brain to mush. i will destroy your relationship with your own children. i will send you back to , quote, zombie land forever. >> effectively, i'll kill you. now, keep in mind, this is from west's quote, trayner, not his position. >> this is the guy he'd hired to help him do squats.
10:52 pm
a trainer. really? do they talk like that at your gym? probably not. >> so what's going on here exactly? well, according to his bio , harley pasternak, who was not denied writing these texts, once worked for the canadian military where he participated in experiments that measured the effect of various drugs on the human mind. is that training relevant to the story? we don't know. >> we do know that based on this text exchange, which, again, harley pasternak has not said is untrue or fake on the basis of that, law enforcement agencies definitely ought to be looking very closely at harley pasternak, who , by the way, apparently has dozens of other celebrity clients, some of whom seem to be out there campaigning based on these texts. this looks like a crime. why is no one investigating the fact that no one is investigating? it tells you a lot. steve king was a very popular
10:53 pm
republican member of congress for nearly two decades. then he came out against immigration and the "new york times" told lies about him that republican leadership went along with him. >> it's an amazing story. we've got it next. do we have operational control, yes or no? >> yes, we do. joe biden says there's nothing wrong on our southern border, but there is a mexican cartels have the majority of operational control. no, there's nothing humane about handing our nation's sovereignty to violent criminal organizations. someone will control the border. it will be a us government or mexican drug dealer. tucker carlson, originals battle for the border streaming now exclusively on fox nation. >> you, the kids are having this much fun.
10:54 pm
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10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
the republican sheriff, joe lombardo, will be the next governor of the state. he has unseated the democratic incumbent, steve cicely's. well, steve king represented iowa in the u.s. congress for about twenty years. famously one of the nicest people in the congress. and then he came out against illegal immigration in a very vigorous way. and the "new york times" decided to call him names, which we found out when we talked to him for an hour. >> completely false. it's ridiculous. but the republican leadership went along with it. kevin mccarthy was all in and they bounced him out of the congress. >> it's really an amazing story. here's part of it. is these symptoms might be that they're willing to compromise principle. and if you're if you are, let's just say if you're a narcissistic abuser. yeah. and i put that label on kevin mccarthy. i'm just not pulling any punches at all. and i study the definition of that. if you're narcissistic abuser, that all of your reality
11:00 pm
is what revolves around you and what affects you. and your ambitions and your goals in life. and the calculation is when you deal with people that, well, does it help me or hurt me? and if i help him, does it help me more ? and if i hurt him, does that help me more ? that equation's going on in the head of people like kevin mccarthy? if you read about the guy in the media, it sounds like a monster. he's the opposite . >> that's on fox nation right now. here's sean hannity. and welcome to hannity and happy veterans day this friday. >> night. to all of you who bravely served our country, we cannot thank you enough. we begin tonight with a fox news alert, another major ballot dump out of arizona is imminent. eighty thousand votes will be reported at any moment. and we expect some good news. kari lake. we'll see what happens with blake masters. he has a much harder race ahead of him, has half of these ballots are now we e


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